Forms and Requirements

We are currently accepting submissions for our Fall 2016 Issue. The submissions deadline is September 22nd.


Phoenix Publishing Release and Guidelines

In order to submit to the Phoenix, complete the above document and email it as an attachment to Please include as well your submissions following the submissions guidelines at the end of the form.

This form states that you own your own work, you are affiliated with the University of Tennessee as a student, faculty member, or alumnus, that you allow Student Publications and to print your work and publish it in the official digital archives.  We do not retain ownership or copyrights of your creative material.


2 Responses to Forms and Requirements

  1. kathy Dalecke says:

    How do I find a specific poem published by my cousin in your magazine? His name is Erik Schiller

    • phoenixutk says:

      If you know the date of the issue in which he was published, you can go to the Archives tab of this website and click the link provided. The issues are listed by decade, then by year and semester. You can view the whole issue from this link.
      Hope this helps!

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